Friday, February 23, 2007

Sunlight falling on the face of Ramses II (
"Up to 5,000 tourists witnessed here onThursday22/2/2007 the celebration of the perpendicular sun fall on the face of Pharaoh Ramses II statue in Abu Simbel Temple in Luxor. The captivating event happens twice per year, namely February 22, the day he ascended to the throne and October 12, his birthday. Director of Abu Simbel Antiquities Mohamed Hamed said the sun falling perpependicular on Ramses II's face lasted for 24 minutes, starting at 06.17 local time. Last night, Aswan Governorate held a celebration involving folkloric troupe's shows and a sound and light show narrating UNESCO's story of rescuing the Abu Simble Temple. Later, papyrus was given out as presents to tourists and Egyptians whose dates of birth or marriage coincide with the occasion."
This is the complete item on the State Information Service website.


Anonymous said...

When did they move Abu Simbel Temple to Luxor? Did I totally miss this event?

Andie said...

Errrr - yes, you do have a point. I must have been half asleep when I posted that. But please note that it was not my idea that Abu Simbel is in Luxor! I copied the text without noticing it (half asleep). However, I am hoping to be in Abu Simbel in March, so to make up for the copied idiocy, I'll post some photos.
All the best