Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conserving the coffin of an unmummified falcon

A piece looking at conservation work at the Hermitation Foundation Museum in Norfolk, U.K.: "In 2006, they repaired an Egyptian falcon sarcophagus from 664 B.C., which was adopted by Tom and Arlene Baragona. The small, narrow box is topped with a statue rendering of the Egyptian god, Horus, with a falcon head and a human body. Inside was once the body of an un-mummified falcon. The box, with a small hole in a corner and patches of light green-blue on the otherwise bluish-black surface, does not look perfect, which is surprising to someone unfamiliar with art conservation. Amy Byrne explained by e-mail that the Hermitage decided to focus on repairing 'Aactive corrosion.' "

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