Friday, March 23, 2007

Researcher builds Egyptology institute in Rio

"Brazilian Egyptologist Cláudio Prado de Mello is building the first National Egyptology Institute in Brazil. It will operate in a building, in Rio de Janeiro, that is inspired on an Egyptian construction of the Mamluk dynasty, which ruled Egypt between 1235 and 1517 AD. . . . In 1990 a group of Brazilian historians and archaeologists decided to establish the institute in Rio de Janeiro. According to Mello, the organization was established focussing on the Islamic world, but the visitors are also going to have access to other cultures.
The Egyptian complex, which has three storeys, is going to house around 15 rooms where over 900 items will be exhibited and a library with 25,000 titles. Eleven rooms will house permanent exhibits, covering the formation of the earth; the first civilizations; classic cultures, like the Greek and Roman; the Byzantine culture and the Islamic world; Pre-Columbian cultures, like the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas; South American baroque art; culture of the Far East; Medieval, Renaissance and primitive Art."

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monica said...

i was wondering if anyone could help me with this... i have seen on tv a documentary about the study of a mummy that was offered to imperor dom pedro of brasil... and as far as i can remember, the documentary was about knowing if the coffin was never open and used, and if the mummie in it was actually the person that the coffin belong to!
i've been doing a search about it, and it seems that the mummie was Sha-Amun-Em-Su ( ) , but i wanted to know more about it, as i don't remember very well the documentary... and it doesn't seem to be easy to find it on the internet...
i was wondering, if the name is wrong, or if it's esier to find by searching something else that's connected with it???
can anyone that reads this comment help me ?? thank you very much