Friday, March 30, 2007

A Visit to Gebel Silsila - Speos of Horemheb

Jane Akshar has updated her blog with an account, accompanied by lots of pictures, of her boat trip to the Speos of Horemheb at Gebel Silsila, which looks marvellous. See the above page for full details: "The speos of Horemheb is a rock cut chapel in the side of the mountain, t shaped with the top of the T facing the river. It has 5 openings and all wall surfaces are decorated. The end of the down stroke of the T has statues of Amun and five other Gods at the end and according to the guardian it gets lit up by the sun, similar to Abu Simbel, at certain dates in the year."
See the above for the full story and the great photos. Lovely to have you back, Jane!

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