Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Berlin response to Egypt re Nefertiti

http://tinyurl.com/28bqn6 (int.iol.co.za)
"Berlin's Museum of Egyptology on Monday rebuffed a threat from Egypt's top antiquities official to block all art loans to Germany unless the 'world's most beautiful woman', Queen Nefertiti, goes home to Cairo.Though one eye is missing, the 3 000-year-old painted limestone bust of the queen is celebrated as one of the finest female representations ever created. It was taken to Germany from Egypt under a 1913 contract. Dietrich Wildung, the museum director, said on the radio channel Deutschland radio Kultur he was not too concerned at the threat, since Egypt had not lent any art to Germany since 1985 anyway.'Even without loans we can manage comfortably and put on a good show,' he said."
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