Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Current Research in Egyptology
Thanks to Peter Robinson for bringing the latest updates to the Current Research in Archaeology website to my attention. is an annual symposium held in universities in the UK for students from around the world. CRE aims to provide a forum for the discussion of Egyptological research currently being conducted by students at the graduate level, including archaeology, art, language, religion, science, culture and society, as well as theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of ancient Egypt.
The next symposium, Current Research in Egyptology IX, will take place at the University of Manchester between Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th January 2008. A First Call for Papers can be found here.
As well as informtaion about upcoming events, the site contains a bibliographical database of previous papers delivered at CRE, which may be of interest. Each record on the database contains details of author, title and the edition of CRE in which it can be found. There is a field available for the inclusion of an Abstract, although so far I haven't found a record containing one. There are 263 records on the site.

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