Thursday, July 26, 2007

Exhibition: Egypt: Puzzles and Mysteries

Denver YourHub

Opening August 4th, Egypt: Puzzles and Mysteries is an engaging, thought-provoking exhibit which explores the geography, history, technology and mystery of ancient Egypt. Through hands-on interactive components, kids of all ages discover what it might have been like to live, work and play in Egypt during the time of the pyramids. Visitors will have the opportunity to: explore the geography of Egypt; try to solve various riddles and puzzles; build pyramids from wooden blocks; learn about the math, history and construction methods of pyramids; write like an Egyptian using hieroglyphics and learn to walk like an Egyptian! Egypt: Puzzles & Mysteries is on loan from the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida.

The Museum will also feature Egyptian artifacts and a hieroglyphics rubbing table on loan from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Taking place at: WOW! Children's Museum, 110 N. Harrison Avenue, Lafayette, CO 80026, U.S.

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