Thursday, July 19, 2007

'Last night's TV' - Hatshepust

The Guardian (Nancy Banks-Smith)

I'm posting this mainly because I like the light-hearted reference to the Cairo Museum (it was read out to me by my mother in a hospital waiting room yesterday, which was surrealistic, but somehow appropriate!):

Meanwhile in Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen (Discovery) the ebullient Dr Zahi Hawass was trying to identify Queen Hatshepsut from four finalists in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You've heard of the Old Bazaar At Cairo? Then you will love Cairo museum. It has an ample sufficiency of mummies and sarcophagi but very little idea of where any of them are. The dust of dead kings dances in the sunlight. Which is why a Cat scan and sterile lab, on loan from Germany, arrived like a spaceship.

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arabisraelites said...

DNAPrint ... Bible Geneology n DNA, what can we learn from Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen HATSHEPSUT