Saturday, September 22, 2007

Daily Photo: Medinet Madi, Faiyum

The Middle Kingdom site of Medinet Madi is a remarkably pretty site in the desert area of the Faiyum depression. It was established by Amenemhat III, built in a pale yellow limestone, and is dedicated to Sobek, Renenutet (wife to Sobek and responsible for the success of the harvest) and Horus. The Middle Kingdom temple is immediately adjacent to the Graeco-Roman site Narmouthis, of which more on another day, and was rennovated in the New Kingdom and extended in the Graeco-Roman period.

In the first photograph, note that the small white blob in the sand in the foreground to the centre- right is the carved head in the second photograph.

Click on the photograph if you want to see the full sized image.


Bob Wickland said...

Thank you so much for adding the enlargement facility to your photos. I am guessing you intended for the 3rd one to be an interior shot of the A III-IV temple, but it's of an entrance to a 5th dyn? mastaba. Sakkara? Looks familiar but not quite large enough to read the name in the glyphs.

Andie said...

Thanks very much Bob - some of the photos did become muddled. I've taken the doorway shot off and will have a look at the hierglyphs in the original to find which of my albums to put it in!
All the best