Sunday, September 23, 2007

Daily Photo: More from Medinet Madi

Avenue of sphinxes and lions leading to the Middle Kingdom temple of Medinet Madi. In fact, the avenue in its current form dates to the Graeco-Roman period. You can click on the photograph to see the full-sized image, if required.


kat newkirk said...

Hi Andie,

Thank you for these marvelous wonderful beautiful lions! If not for your generosity, I'd never have known about them. :)

Can you remember how their whiskers are carved? And are photos 2 and 4 of the same lion?

Andie said...

I'll email you copies of the photos, Kat - with the others I took at the same time. I thought that I'd sent you all my cat and lion photos, but looking through all the print albums I think that there are lots more to come.

But to actually answer the question, no the two lions are different. I can't recall how the whiskers were carved, and unfortunately even in the original photographs it is impossible to make them out.

I would dearly love to go back for another go at some of the Faiyum sites - I was usin a new camera and really hadn't got the hang of it. Digital is so much easier!