Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Exhibtion: Egypt in Mexico

Reuters Africa

Billed as the world's largest temporary archeological showcase, Mexican archeologists have brought treasures from ancient Egypt to display alongside the great indigenous civilizations of Mexico for the first time.

The exhibition, which boasts a five-tonne, 3,000-year-old sculpture of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and stone carvings from Mexican pyramid Chichen Itza, aims to show many of the similarities of two complex worlds both conquered by Europeans in invasions 1,500 years apart.

"There are huge cultural parallels between ancient Egypt and Mexico in religion, astronomy, architecture and the arts. They deserve to be appreciated together," said exhibition organizer Gina Ulloa, who spent almost three years preparing the 35,520 square-feet (3,300 meter-square) display.

The exhibition opened in Monterey last weekend. According to the Monterrey Forum 2007 website The exhibition is called Isis and the Plumed Serpent. Ancient Egypt / Pre-Hispanic Mexico, and is showing at the Exhibition Center of Parque Fundidora (originally called Nave Lewis), as part of a programme of events in the Universal Forum of Monterrey Culture 2007 initiative.

I've tried to find a website for the museum, and am probably just having a thick day, but the closest I could get was the site for the park in which the museum is located, and I can't find a reference to the museum in it. If anyone has better information, please let me know - it would be nice to see some photographs of the exhibition.

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