Monday, September 24, 2007

Mexican President inaugurates Egyptian antiques exhibition

Egypt State Information Service

Mexican President Felipe Calderon inaugurated Saturday 22/9/2007 an exhibition of Egyptian antiques, the first in Latin America, with senior officials taking part.

Ali Hossam Eddin El-Hefni, the Egyptian Ambassador in Mexico, received the guests as they came in.

A member of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Dr. Ali Radwan gave a speech, conveying President Hosni Mubarak's best regards to Calderon.

It is an honour to hold this exhibition in Mexico, which Radwan described as a "friendly" country.

The SCA member gave senior Mexico officials, including Mr and Mrs Calderon, a tour around the place and talked about the displayed objects. As many as 144 pieces are shown in the Egyptian exhibition, Radwan said, that the showcased items covered 3000 years of ancient history and belonged to 28 different dynasties.

The Mexican media also underlined the significance of the event, opening just after an international cultural forum kicked off. Talking about how it has become an international cultural city, Radwan was quoted as having said that a message of peace and security ought to come from Monterrey to the whole world.

Monterrey will host the Egyptian exhibition for four months, before it goes to Mexico City in February 2008.

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