Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog Update

I'm back in the land of the living, although it feels as though I have been away for two months rather than two weeks. I will be working to backdate the blog over the next few days. I have literally hundreds of emails to work through, so please bear with me as usual!

A special mention to Maged, Mostafa, Tareq, Nasr#1, Nasr#2, Helen, Chris R, Jo, Chris E, Bev, Oliver, Jean, Jane and wonderful Murad, with my love.

Terrific thanks as usual to Kat Newkirk and Chris Townsend - even the briefest glimpse at my emails tells me that you have been updating me in my absence. I'd be lost without you!

See both below and above for updates - with more to come, which will be posted with blue text so that you can see which ones are new.

All the best



kat newkirk said...

Welcome back! Don't hurry, though- rest, relax, unpack!


Andie said...

I've just about got through all my washing, although vacuuming the house now needs to follow - there are little piles of sand all over the place!