Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mummy to be rescanned

Suite101 (Stan Parchin)
Specialists will perform a CT-scan on a five-foot-tall adult Egyptian mummy (Dynasty XXI, ca. 1000 B.C.) from the Royal Ontario Museum on October 29, 2007. This non-invasive procedure is now performed with some regularity by institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum. The cutting-edge process, also known as computerized tomography, will be conducted at the University of Western Ontario by Dr. Roberta Shaw, the ROM's Assistant Curator of Egyptology, Dr. Rethy Chhem of the London Health Sciences Centre and Dr. Andrew Nelson of UWO's Department of Anthropology, also a Research Associate at the ROM. CT-scanning equipment was recently acquired by the university. Three-dimensional images of the body will help determine the remains' gender and reveal any artifacts, such as jewelry and religious amulets, possibly concealed beneath some 18 layers of bandages.

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