Monday, November 26, 2007

More re Farouk Hosni nomination for UNESCO

Egypt State Information Service

Culture Minister Farouk Hosney began yesterday 25/11/2007 in Algeria his nomination campaign for the position of the Secretary-General of the UNESCO. This campaign was attended by 22 culture ministers of the Arab countries.

The Egyptian nomination gained matchless success, and many Arab countries expressed their backing and support of choosing Egypt for this position. They also emphasized the necessity of approving on one Arab nominated this time to preserve the Arab right in assuming the headship of the UNESCO for the first time according to the geographical division.

Farouk Hosney said that he made many consultations and meetings with his Arab counterparts during the exceptional meeting currently in Algeria in which he felt great support and welcome in boosting the Egyptian nomination for the next round.

Moreover, Hosney said that his contacts in addition to the Egyptian Committee's contacts in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry with several countries, international and regional organizations, and the Arab League achieved great success in supporting the Egyptian nomination.

Hosney added that these contacts succeeded in gaining the approval of many countries in Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Russia, the Commonwealths and China.

On the other hand, Hosney revealed that his contacts with the German side succeeded in reaching an agreement of hosting Nefertiti's head statue in the Egyptian Museum for 6 months.

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