Monday, December 31, 2007

Personal: If you usually phone me on my mobile . . .

Sorry to use the blog as a personal communication tool! But to all of you who usually contact me on my mobile phone, please don't do so for the time being. As I took my jeans out of the washing machine yesterday, my mobile phone fell out of a pocket with a sad, wet thud. The SIM card has survived, but the phone has joined Osiris, and is no longer of this world. The replacement won't be with me for a week or so (the number will be the same). All the more embarassing given that I worked for Carphone Warehouse for several years and used to hear hard-luck stories about drowned mobiles regularly :-).
All the best, Andie.


Mark said...

And the worst bit about those stories is all the people who have been (mis-)sold mobile phone insurance being told that a drowned phone is not covered!


Andie said...

:-) Truer words. Fortunately I have a clever friend who can salvage even a water-damaged phone. All up and running again!

Nice to hear from you - where on earth have you been??? I emailed you and had no reply. You have been missed.