Saturday, January 26, 2008

KV64 Update

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For those of you unfamiliar with KV64, it is the most recently published discovery in the Valley of the Kings, identified so far only by radar. Dr Nick Reeves revealed the existence of the site on the Amarna Royal Tombs Project (ARTP) website, in the wake of the KV63 discovery. There was some bad feeling in the SCA about the way in which the presence of another possible tomb had been revealed, but Nick has outlined his reasons for doing it this way on the ARTP's home page. The ARTP page also shows images of the new site, its location and the background to its discovery.

There's a good summary of the KV64 story on The Times Online, and there's an interview with Dr Reeves on the same subject on the Archaeology Magazine website.

Up until this point in time there has been considerable speculation about what decision the SCA will make about investigation of the site. Jane Akshar has posted some recent information on her blog on the above page, which is brief but looks hopeful:

On my trip back to the UK I got hold of a copy of Horus magazine. It carries a regular feature by Dr Zahi Hawass which is always interesting. This time is said……….

"This winter, the Supreme Council of Antiquities will begin new excavations in the Valley of Kings. ……We will also use radar in the area around the tomb of Tutankhamun to see if Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves is correct or not in his previous identification of a radar anomaly here as ‘KV64′"

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