Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Russian Egyptologist to Exhibit Their Finds in Moscow

Russia I.C.

The Egyptologist Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences is planning to bring the exhibition of finds made by Russian archeologists in the course of diggings in Luxore (the ancient Phoebe).

The exhibition “Crypt of Royal Mummies: Life and Death of Great Pharaohs” is expected to present sculptures of the pharaohs Ramesses II the Great and Tutmos III, the sarcophagus of Ramesses II, jewelries and other articles related to the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, as well as household items of common Egyptians. Altogether about a hundred and a half exhibits will be displayed there. Presently they are being kept in the Egypt Museum in Cairo.

From Moscow the Egypt finds will go to museums of Germany, France and Britain.

All the exhibits of the future exposition were discovered in 1998-2005 during examination of the crypt of royal mummies, known as tomb TT 320.

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