Monday, March 17, 2008

Speculation about Nefertiti's tomb

Legendary Times

Nefertiti's Tomb found? Sensational discovery in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings! Once again, a new tomb was discovered underneath the desert sands, as reported by the German-language MYSTERIES Magazine in its next newsstand issue.

So far, the Egyptian Department of the Antiquities has kept silent about the exact location of this discovery. As MYSTERIES has now revealed exclusively on its webpage, the tomb, which was discovered in November 2007, is allegedly located in very close vicinity of King Meren-Ptah (KV 8). Could it be the last resting space of Ramesses VIII? Hardly, because the discovery appears to be a "stepped entrance" which points to a significant Amarna Ruler Tomb from the 18th Dynasty - possibly even to the legendary and elusive last resting place of Pharaoh Akhenaten or his wife Nefertiti!

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Anonymous said...

Nefertiti's body is like one of the biggest mysteries of Ancient Egypt. How do archeologists feel after making such a big discovery? Finding the tomb is the next best thing to the actual body!!!!