Wednesday, April 30, 2008

X International Congress of Egyptologists

X International Congress of Egyptologists

Details for the Congress, which takes place in May, are now available online. Abstracts are now available in PDF format. Programme details, registration instructions and other useful information are also provided. Here are details of the keynote speakers:

Prof. Emer. Jan Assmann (Heidelberg)

Title: The "structure" of ancient Egyptian religion [Abstract]

Prof. Manfred Bietak (Vienna)

Title: The nature of the relationship between Egypt and the Minoan World in the Tuthmoside Period [ABSTRACT]

Prof. Christopher J. Eyre (Liverpool)

Title: Economy and society in Pharaonic Egypt [ABSTRACT]

Mr. Sabry Abdel Aziz (Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt; on behalf of Prof. Z. Hawass)

Title: Recent discoveries in Egypt [ABSTRACT]

Prof. Richard Jasnow (Johns Hopkins)

Title: From Alexandria to Rakotis: progress, prospects, and problems in the study of Greco-Egyptian literary interaction [ABSTRACT]

Prof. Emer. Geoffrey T. Martin (Cambridge)

Title: Re-excavating KV 57 (Horemheb) in the Valley of the Kings [ABSTRACT]

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