Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Exhibition: "Bedazzled" at the Walters Museum

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From an ancient Roman snake bracelet to a ceremonial Chinese headdress to a Tiffany & Co. glittering necklace, "Bedazzled: 5,000 Years of Jewelry" highlights more than 200 pieces from the Walters Art Museum through January 4.

The exhibition features some of the Walters' greatest masterpieces, as well as many hidden treasures on view for the first time. The allure of gold and gems and the desire to design objects of adornment have remained constant throughout history and across a spectrum of cultures. . . . .

"Bedazzled" displays works from the ancient world, such as two pendants in the form of rams' heads demonstrating the development in multicolored glass production by the Fifth Century BC. Egyptian treasures will be presented, including a bright blue faience amulet featuring the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet as well as an intricate necklace strung with beads and amulets of gold, faience, carnelian and glass.

The Walters Art Museum is in Baltimore, U.S. Its website is at

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