Saturday, October 25, 2008

New fiction: The Smiting Texts

Thanks to Roy Lester Pond for letting me know that his new Egypt-based novel will be available shortly. Best wishes to the author for a successful launch. Here's his email:

I have a new archaeological thriller, coming out in the UK for Christmas and wondered if it would interest you and your blog followers – (THE SMITING TEXTS - a modern archaeological thriller. An ancient, esoteric time bomb. Published by Austin & Macauley, UK.) It's still being printed as we speak, so it is estimated to hit shelves very early November, although it's already featured and available for pre-orders on Amazon, WH Smith, Blackwell sites etc. Below is a synopsis and early peek at the cover design.

I have also started a brand new Egyptology author's blog, in fact two!

The hero of my novel, renegade independent Egyptologist Anson Hunter, is also blogger in the novel, so, as well as my author's blog (called 'The Other Egypt'), I have given fictional character Anson a separate identity in the 'blogosphere' with his own blog of ruminations ('A River Nile of Consciousness - Anson Hunter's blog). Something a bit different.

Best regards,

Roy Lester Pond

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