Sunday, October 26, 2008

‘Secret’ North Giza development project threatens residents

Egypt Daily Star News (Reem Abu Zahra)

Following over one year since the presidential decree to develop the entire district of North Giza in May 2007, the plans continue to trigger controversy due to the lack of information about the project.

The district of North Giza includes the underprivileged areas of Warrak, Munira and the large neighborhood of Embaba.

According to government sources, the project includes building roads linking Rod El Farag district to the Ring Road leading to Sixth of October City and linking Ahmed Orabi Street to the Ring Road through Embaba Airport Land, the site of what used to be Embaba Airport.

The project includes “making use” of the land surrounding Embaba Airport through encouraging investment in the area. The whole region of North Giza measures around 3,147 acres inhabited by 450,000 residents. The land surrounding Embaba Airport is around 160 acres.

The Popular Committee for the Protection of Embaba Airport Land, a grassroots group, has repeatedly criticized what they called “the secrecy” surrounding the development project and the lack of real data revealing its true nature.

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