Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Digital Eye of Horus for Archaeologists

Talking Pyramids (Vincent Brown)

Following the latest report about Sarah Parcak's work iwth satellites Vincent has provided a good summary of many other wasy in which archaeologists have been using satellite technology.
As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid rate, the study of ancient sites is aided by some of it’s developments. One such tool that has leaped into the hands of Egyptlogists and Archaeologists in recent years is the satellite. A great boon to any study of a site is the ability to view an area from above.

In the previous story we heard Dr Zahi Hawass state that he begins any archaeological work on the Giza plateau by climbing to the top of the Great Pyramid to get an overview of the site. The bird’s eye view that is provided by aerial photography and satellite imaging has been instrumental in the discovery of new sites, sites that woud perhaps never have been discovered.

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