Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exhibition: Lost Egypt (Bram Fulk)

Summer's finally here and two of Columbus's most entertaining institutions of fun are kicking of the season with activities designed to invigorate the body and stimulate the mind. COSI looks to engage you by exploring the wonders of ancient Egypt through science and technology and, playing foil to the deadly heat and scorching sands of the ancient desert empire, the refreshing oasis of Zoombezi Bay is now open and ready to cool down your summer by quenching your thirst for excitement.

Starting this upcoming weekend, COSI will be featuring a new exhibition entitled "Lost Egypt: Ancient Secret, Modern Science." Destined to become a big hit as a traveling exhibition, the COSI-conceived setup will premiere in Columbus before starting its trek around the country. Kate Storm is the COSI producer of the exhibit, which will focus not only on the science and technology employed in ancient Egypt, but that of the modern-day archeologists investigating those ancient techniques. "It's a 6,000 square [foot] traveling exhibition," says Storm. "It basically goes through the process of archaeology in modern Egypt, but looks at the ancient culture of Egypt."


Anonymous said...

You "sold" me Mr. Fulk......I'm visiting COSI.

Anonymous said...

Bram Matthew.........can't wait to see the exhibit! Thanks for the great review!