Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mummy returns to Belfast display

BBC News, Northern Ireland ()

The Egyptian mummy - a source of fascination for children since she came to Belfast in 1834 - had been in storage as the Ulster Museum went through a major refurbishment over a period of nearly three years.

But she has returned to her home at the corner of Belfast's Botanic Park and will be ready to receive visitors when the new-look museum opens in October.

The mummy has always been a major draw for the museum.

But curators dismissed as "urban myth" a popular story that the mummy once contracted a bad case of nits from the children of Belfast and ended up under glass to protect herself.

"She dates from 660 BC and was the daughter of a priest living in Thebes in the Valley of the Kings," said Dr Jim McGreevy, head curator at National Museums Northern Ireland.


turquoise breeze said...

hi, i'm from Belfast too; great news about the mummy, i've been waiting to see it for quite sometime.

Andie said...

Excellent - if you get the chance do let me know what the exhibit is like and how it takes you. It would be great to know.

Scrabcake said...

Yeah! Pics or it didn't happen!