Monday, January 11, 2010

Exhibition: Text and Textiles

University of Melbourne

With photos
Rare Greek papyrus texts and Coptic textiles from Egypt form the basis of a dramatic exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art that gives a fascinating insight into ancient lifestyles. Katrina Raymond reports.

Papyrus fragments discovered at Oxyrhynchus, a site in Upper Egypt, include the first book of Thucydides and other texts as well as private accounts, receipts and personal letters. An extraordinary declaration concerns the sale of an eight-year-old slave girl without blemish apart from epilepsy and leprosy.

The papyrus texts and the Coptic textiles that once belonged to elaborately adorned items of clothing worn in the time of Christian Egypt, during the fourth to seventh centuries, will be on display at the Potter until April.

The ancient texts were donated to the University of Melbourne in 1901 and 1922 by the Egyptian Exploration Society, London UK.

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