Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Book: Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt

BAR International Series, Archaeopress

I am delighted to report that Tony Judd's book "Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt" has been released by BAR. Based on work completed for PhD this is a comprehensive overview of the Eastern Desert's engravings. Please note that the summary from the Archaeopress website seems to confuse this book with one focused on North America (I have informed Tony of the confusion). Instead, here's a short extract from the Abstract from the book itself:

Data that have recently become available on the petroglyhs of the Eastern Desert of Egypt are collated and analysed in detail. Images of wild animals, domestic animals, anthropoids and boats, together with geometric pattersns, are classified and assessed by statistical means to rech conclusions about the preferences of the artsits in terms of subject matter, style, context and geographical distribution.

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