Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo: Dr Hawass inside the Osiris shaft

The photo is on the above page. Here's the caption.

Dr. Hawass stands in the Osiris Shaft. During his excavations of the Osiris Shaft in 1999, Dr. Hawass found the remains of four pillars surrounded by a wall. Inside the pillared area was part of a large, granite sarcophagus with the lid thrown off. This discovery reflected the words of Herodotus when he said that Khufu was buried inside a granite sarcophagus and there was water near Khufu's pyramid. People have always wondered about these words, but no one ever discovered the exact location. Even Herodotus admitted that he never saw the burial with his own eyes, because he was never able to go down into the shaft; he must have based his writing on the words of guides. (Photo: SCA)

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