Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo for Today by Anthony Marson

A couple of people have emailed to ask if the site is open to the public at the moment, and there was a comment from John Cole after I posted one of Tony's previous photos asking the same question. Does anyone have up to date information on the subject? Thanks. Andie.

Mortuary Temple foundations, Abu Rawash

Copyright Anthony Marson

With my thanks.


John Billman said...

As far as I know Abu Rawash is officially a closed site, TVAES has applied for special permission for a Study Tour in November which will visit the site, so it's possible to visit with permission from the SCA. However last year I did hear rumours that it was to be prepared for opening to the public so perhaps someone will know more about that. John. www.tvaes.org.uk

Andie said...

Many thanks John.

Andie said...

Thanks to Tony Marson who emailed with the following:

Hi Andie:

According to the Talking Pyramids site Djedefre's Pyramid is open to the public .

However, when we visited in October last year we had to get special permission to visit – we were also accompanied by an Egyptologist based at Giza.

When we asked him, he also said it was not open.