Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Request for Information: Holbeck Temple Mill Project

I received a request for information today - if anyone can advise please leave a comment or contact Hayley Jones directly (see end of her request for contact details).

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am trying to find out who the name of the contracting company or architect company involved in the Holbeck Temple Mill project.

I manage school work placements for local students and I would like to ask them if they would be interested in the possibility of providing work experience for a particular student who is training to be a builder but also has a strong interest in Egyptology.

This project would be a an ideal opportunity for the student, even if for only a short time, the student would benefit immensely from observing the process and work involved in this fantastic project.

If anyone can help with the name of the companies or people involved, I would realy appreciate it.

Kindest regards
Hayley Jones 07788534027
Focus Training
E-mail: info@focustraining.uk.com
W: www.focustraining.uk.com

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MaryC said...

Hi - check it out with Bob Partridge of Ancient Egypt magazine - he has featured articles about the Temple Mill