Monday, February 08, 2010

Book review: A Manual of Egyptian Pottery

PalArch (Review by Augusto Gayubas)

Wodzińska, A. 2009. A Manual of Egyptian Pottery. Volume 1: Fayum A-Lower Egyptian Culture. - Boston, Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Dr. Anna Wodzińska, who works at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (Poland), is the head of the Ceramics Team of AERA (Ancient Egypt Research Associates) Field School. The main aim of the AERA Field School is to teach and train archaeological techniques for both, students and experienced archaeologists alike. Wodzińska developed for AERA four pottery manuals to teach about ancient Egyptian pottery.

Now, the manuals are made available for everyone, the present volume of which is the first that has been published. It deals with seven different ‘periods’ of Predynastic Egypt: Fayum A, Merimde, Omari, Badari, Naqada I, Naqada II, and Buto-Maadi.

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