Sunday, February 14, 2010

Children’s Exhibit at the Cairo Museum

Recently we opened the new Children’s Museum exhibit at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. This exhibit is very good, it is for children, and contains replicas of ancient Egyptian monuments, sculptures and artefacts using LEGOS.

The purpose of this exhibit, designed by the Museum Director, Dr. Wafaa El-Saddik, is to show ancient Egyptian art and history to children in a way that appeals to them and is easy to understand. The LEGO models are shown alongside genuine ancient Egyptian artefacts. The exhibit is divided into different areas that depict different aspects of ancient Egyptian life, and also includes a workshop area where the children can use their imaginations to construct LEGO creations of their own.

This exhibition will be a permanent exhibit in the Egyptian Museum, and we hope it will continue the message of educating the children of Egypt about our heritage, and sharing it with children from around the world.

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