Monday, February 08, 2010

Feature: Sandro Vannini's Photography - Tomb of Montuemhat (TT34)

Heritage Key

Egyptology photographer Sandro Vannini has been busy photographing tombs across Thebes for his new book "The Lost Tombs of Thebes: Lost in Paradise" and you can watch him at work in a Heritage Key video which also features Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Janice Kamrin (Watch the video). During his photo-spree in this Ancient Egyptian city, Sandro took images of archaeologists hard at work at the site of TT34 - The Tomb of Montuemhat.

Described by the excavation lead Dr Farouk Gomaa as "one of the largest [tombs] in Thebes", the University of Tübingen archaeologist and his team are searching for the sarcophagus of the diplomat Montuemhat. The work on TT34 initially began in 1941 by Zakaria Gomein, whose untimely death is recounted in a Heritage Key video with Dr Hawass (Watch the Video). A breakthrough was made by Dr Gomaa's team in 1988 when they discovered the sarcophagus of Montuemhat's son Nesptah the Younger.

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