Monday, February 01, 2010

Online resources: Egyptology news sources

Late last year I promised to do a list of all the best Egyptology news blogs and websites. These are the ones that I know of. Do let me know of any others.

Egyptology News
Andie Byrnes
Updated several times a week. Links with sample paragraphs. Photo for each day's posting.

EEF News
Aayko Eyma
If you subscribe to the list you will see news items as they drop in. You can also subscribe to a weekly digest or see it at the above page.

News from the Valley of the Kings

Kate Phizackerley
Updated as and when news items appear. Photos, explanatory text and links to news stories when available.

Luxor News Blog
Jane Akshar
Updated with news and lecture notes from Luxor, where Jane is resident.

Talking Pyramids
Vincent Brown
In spite of the name of the blog this includes a daily list of links to news items about all periods of ancient Egypt.

Egypt Then and Now
Ben Morales Correa
Updated several times a week - includes items on modern Egypt

Tim Reid
Updated several times a week. News, photos and comments.


Zahi Hawass and team
Updated several times per month. Press statements, news items, photos.

OsirisNet News
Thierry Benderitter and John Hirst
Updated monthly. Links and sample paragraphs. English and French

What's New In Papyrology
Updated as and when news items and book reviews etc are available.

Cyberscribe News
Clair Ossian
News digest. Updated monthly

My favourite of the general archaeology/museum news items are:

Stan Parchin's Art Museum Journal
Tony Cagles's Archaeoblog


egyptianscholar said...

Hi Andie. I have a few recommendations for your resource list: Em Hotep, Heritage-Key, and the Egyptian Yell (The last in the list is a shameless plug for my blog. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to mention mine, as I'm not sure if it's worth gracing your list).

tim said...

Thanks Andie for the plug. Working on new things for 2010.

All the best

Jane Akshar said...

No Luxor News :(