Monday, March 15, 2010

Egyptian Archaeology No.36, Spring 2010

Egypt Exploration Society

The welcome sound of heavy mail hitting the floor in my hallway greeted me this morning. It doesn't mean that there will be no bills in amongst it but that particular "clunk" usually indicates that a few goodies have arrived. Included in the pile of books and magazines was Egyptian Archaeology, The Bulletin of hte Egypt Exploration Society, the contents of which are as follows (in alphabetical order by author):

  • Will Carruthers, A means to an end: seeking Bryan Emery in archives
  • David Dufton and Tom Branton, Climate change in early Egypt
  • Sami el-Husseiny and Adel Okasha Khafagy, The Dahshur tomb of the Vizier Siese rediscovered
  • Angus Graham, Ancient landscapes around the Opet temple, Karnak
  • Nozomu Kawai and Sakuji Yoshimura, The tomb chapel of Isisnofret at Saqqara
  • Chris Naunton, The EES Oral History Project
  • Dirk Obbink, Recent discoveries from Oxyrhynchus
  • Stephen Quirke, Petrie at Abydos in 1900: Margaret Murray's album
  • Kveta Smolarikova, Embalmers' caches in the shaft tombs at Abu Sir
  • Patricia Spencer, Harry James and the EES
  • Patricia Spencer, Digging Diary
  • Kristin Thompson, Concrete evidence on Amarna composite statuary
  • Gyoso Voros, The temple treasures of Taposiris Magna

I am particularly looking forward to the Dufton and Branton article about climate change in early Egypt.

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