Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Egyptological" - online magazine update

Egyptological Magazine Site Status

Kate has posted an update on progress with our online Egyptology magazine. I mentioned the word "hieroglyphs" to her a couple of weeks ago - and then I ducked for cover. I was going through my hieroglyph flashcards one morning and suddenly had the ghastly thought that we would have to find some way of dealing with articles which display and/or discuss hieroglyphs on our magazine website. I really should have thought of this before and cannot think why I didn't. Kate is as usual on the case with her usual and completely impressive can-do attitude. See her update for more on this topic.

Oh, and Kate is not joking about the colour schemes. It is the same as in the days when I used to manage website builds. As a team you present the whizzy new all-singing and all-dancing web presence, representing months and months of work, to the board of directors and wait with baited breath whilst they consider the pros and cons of your presentation and then one of them says firmly "but I don't like that shade of green". Kate and I are really struggling to find colour schemes which work with our content and with which we can both live happily.


kat newkirk said...

I know this is hard work, and Godddess knows I'm ignorant about computers and technical things, but- my old computer showed colors much differently than my new one does. So is precise color as important as the general vicinity?

kat newkirk

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness y'all didn't think of hieroglyphs early on and get discouraged.