Saturday, March 06, 2010

Excavations at Balamun

EES Delta Survey (Patricia Spencer)

With photos.

At the end of our first week of work for the British Museum at Balamun. Despite the bad weather just after we arrived here, we did manage to start work as planned on the 27th, though the site was very muddy and wet for the first few days. Usually our first job is to re-erect our wooden site hut, which is the base for our day and night guards and where our site equipment (wheelbarrows, picks, baskets, etc) is stored overnight. This year, because of the state of the surface, it wasn’t possible to erect it before we started work as donkey carts weren’t able to access the site. So, on our second working day, after the breakfast break when everything had dried to some extent, some of our workmen and the site guards moved the hut and re-erected it next to our excavation.

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