Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hawara pyramid photo

The pyramid of Amenemhat III at Hawara, which was once the largest and most elaborate funerary complex built in the Middle Kingdom. To the south of the pyramid was a large temple that was so complex in design it was known by classical authors such as Herodotus as the “labyrinth.” After the outer limestone casing was removed from the pyramid, it fell into disrepair and now appears as a mudbrick structure surrounded by pieces of stone that are the remains of the labyrinth. (Photo: SCA)

Last time I was there a canal which had been created immediately alongside the pyramid was leaking into the burial chamber and flooding it. Although we were allowed to pass through the gate into the burial chamber the flooding made it impassable. Does anyone know if this is still the situation or if measures have been taken to protect the pyramid from the canal?


Vincent said...

As you know, keeping up-to-date information on the current state of the pyramids is a focus of Talking Pyramids.

Last year in April I reported on the state of this pyamid. Reports as recent as six weeks ago confirm that the ground water at Hawara is still high. The subterranean chambers of the pyramid are totally submerged under water and you can only get about 5 meters in from the entrance. Salt deposits can be seen building up on the walls and ceiling of the corridor.

Andie said...

Hi Vincent. I had a horrible feeling that that would be the case. I was last there in 2002 and the story was just the same.