Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last week at Balamun

EES Delta Survey

The EES are continuing to update their blog.

We’re now at the end of our short season of work at Balamun. Excavation of levels earlier than the mud-brick building we’ve been investigating has revealed remains of collapsed bread ovens which are probably of the Third Intermediate Period, maybe late New Kingdom.

In addition to the SCA Antiquities Inspector who is assigned to the mission, we’ve had with us this year some young Inspectors for training in excavation techniques, including use of the EES Topcon total station, which we use for both general surveying and setting out the grid for our Polish colleagues to use for the magnetic mapping..

In a day or so we will be starting the EES survey (and some limited ‘test’ excavation) at Yetwal wa Yuksur. This will mean we have to get up earlier in the morning (about 5.30) to drive to the site which is beyond Bilqeis (about an hour’s drive away).

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