Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo for Today - back to New Kalabsha

Now that Lucia's excellent photographs of Amarna have all been posted I'm back in Nubia with my holiday snaps from a Lake Nasser cruise in 2007. I still have some more photographs from Beit el Wali, both the interior and exterior, so I'll finish those before going on to other monuments on the island of New Kalabsha.

If I manage to find it the next set should be photographs taken in and around Kharga oasis by a friend of mine. I had a recent sort-out of my office, due to the need to lay a new carpet, and have managed to jumble all my CD-Roms and DVDs, some of which have lost labels in the process. In this case my friend had stuck a post-it to the case of the DVD containing his photographs and I've found the post-it but have not yet isolated the DVD to which it was attached! Failing that, I'm aiming to visit the newly refurbished Ashmolean Museum in the near future so I'll have some shots of that lovely collection to post, whilst still hunting for Kharga.

Beit el Wali, New Kalabsha Island, near Aswan.
Detail of paintwork.

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