Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo for Today - Temple of Kalabsha

I've only posted the two most important news items today because right now I'm supposed to be driving from one side of Wales to the other for a short break at the coast. Somehow things have become a little fraught on the planning front! I'm not sure if I'll be able to update the blog for the next few days but I'll give it a shot.

Lion-headed deity shown in one of the three inner chambers
beyond the hypostyle hall at New Kalabsha.
I've seen him identified both as Tutu and Dedwen but thanks to the
fact that I have (yet again) excluded the hieroglyphs that accompany
the relief I am not in a position to judge! Annoying. Has
anyone got any better information?


kat newkirk said...

Maybe Mahes, son of Bastet? The knives make this seem a likely ID.

brian said...

It most likely is a version of Apedemak, who was also known as "Mahes" in Egypt.