Monday, March 08, 2010

Seriously off-topic: World Beach Project

World Beach Project

Sorry about this, but this is the woman who has submitted 83 giraffes to the One Million Giraffes website! I am a chronic doodler and I have a simple love for these sorts of projects which are all-inclusive, independent of age or experience, encourage creativity and produce fascinatingly contrasting and appealing results.

The World Beach Project is a global art project open to anybody, anywhere, of any age. Building on the experience many of us have of making patterns on beaches and shorelines, this project combines the simplicity of making patterns with stones with the complexities of shape, size, colour, tone, composition, similarity and difference.

It is really easy to join in - see the instructions below, or go straight to the map and see what others have been been doing . You can also see Sue Lawty explain how to get involved in the project by watching the World Beach Video .

Sue's idea for this project has always been based around patterns made with stones. That means no seashells, seaweed, driftwood or other flotsam and jetsam commonly found on beaches.

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