Thursday, March 04, 2010

Website looks at pyramid building solutions


A new web page was created to reveal the secret of the pyramid builders. For centuries nobody knew how the Egyptians could lift blocs of several tons before steel was ever invented. The idea was simple but it took centuries to find it. The mystery may be solved by the combination of a rope and 3 pulleys. Drawings and all the details are available at

The Great Pyramid of Giza used more than 2 million blocs of 2.5 tons each and that was done in 23 years. That means that every few minutes another bloc was cut out of the quarry, transported to the site, lifted and put into place. How could the Egyptians have done it?

Most egyptologists agree that the ramp is not a satisfactory solution. Hollywood's version with slaves and whips is even worse. Ramps may be justified for small buildings but becomes rapidly unpractical as the height of the pyramid increases. Slaves and whips were never used. It is well established today that the work was done by Egyptians who were well fed by Pharaoh and compensated for their labor. let's visitors choose the weight of the stone, the height of the pyramid and how hard somebody can pull on a rope.... The '3Wheel Device' will figure out how many men will be needed and how long it will take.

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