Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lecture notes: Chicago House 2009-2010 season

Luxor News (Jane Akshar)

Thanks to Jane for sharing her lecture notes, as usual.

Chicago House 2009-2010 season Ray Johnson

It was nice that the last lecture of the season was Ray as I really admire the work they do in Luxor and how accessible they make their publications. Indeed he opened his lecture by announcing that yet another publication was available.

There are over 100 titles on the Oriental Institute website that available free in low resolution PDF’s and they are pleased that rather than seeing a drop of sales it has actually resulted in an increase. The link is here and if you look you can see a dollar sign or a downward arrow. The downward arrow gives you the free PDF. They are looking to get everything n online and are thankful for donations that have made scanning possible.

This year they were working at Medinet Habu, TT107, and Khonsu and Luxor temples.

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