Monday, May 10, 2010

Travel: How safe is it to travel in Cairo

Heritage Key (Annie Waddington-Feather)

I stopped posting 90% of the travel articles that find their way into my Inbox a long time ago because if they bore me senseless I am guessing that they will bore most of the blog's visitors too. On the other hand there are always exceptions. This, at least, is a question that some people may be asking at the moment.

The man with the toothless smile and sharp eyes beckons you over to see his papyrus, meanwhile another calls you to his perfume shop. Sales pitches vary: ‘Special price for pretty lady’ or if you’re male, ‘You want something for your wife, not your wife? OK, for your mistress then?’

Apart from the hassle of the hustlers and the danger of having an over-priced piece of papyrus on your wall when you get home, what other risks do you face in Cairo? Is it safe to travel there at all?

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