Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 3Cs of discussing heritage online

Voices of the Past (Jeff Guin)

There are few yearnings that span the human race, across cultures, political beliefs and past history more than the compulsion to understand our identity. Part of that is understanding where we come from. This understanding grounds us and gives meaning to our accomplishments. But ironically, it’s also easily lost in our present mileu of constant global connection.

For all their potential, the social networking tools are a continuation of the human struggle to find our place, at a more demanding pace. But that kind of wholeness can’t just be found in to future. It’s in experience the now, and setting the brief little moments that we’re here on earth into perspective of the people, places and events that brought us here — and ensuring that folks down the line have the same opportunity.

Part of rediscovering our genuine identity lies in heritage values. So, what does that mean? what’s the difference between history/culture and heritage?

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