Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Exhibition: Shanghai World Expo 2010

Al Ahram Weekly (Nader Habib)

With photo.

Mohamed Gomaa explained the design of the pavilion. "Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi architect, designed this architectural gem for us," he said. "In fact, this pavilion took three months to build. It is contemporary in design, but as soon as you enter you find yourself in a museum. The ribbons that hang in the interior symbolise the link between the old and the new. The old is the eight museum pieces on display, and the new is the screen that offers images of modern Egypt."

The popularity of the Egyptian pavilion was also a nuisance for its neighbours, with the line of visitors going to the Egyptian pavilion blocking the exit door of the neighbouring Tunisian pavilion. Egypt, Gomaa said, also had two other displays running parallel to the main exhibition, one about Cairo and the other about Alexandria, but it was the main show that was attracting the biggest numbers.

"The police want us to let in as many visitors as possible, but we cannot do that. The pieces on display are originals. If we allowed too many people to enter, they could start touching the pieces," Gomaa said, adding that nearly 14,000 people were visiting the show per day.

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