Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farewell to Laure Pantalacci (Zahi Hawass)

Sometimes you can dislike people without reason and this is wrong. I came to this realization at a garden party held by the French Institute in Cairo last week. The former director of the IFAO in Cairo, Dr. Bernard Mathieu, was removed from his position as director by someone in France. This person, whom I will not name, is conceited and made many people, including several French archaeologists, very angry with his decision to remove Dr. Mathieu. I do not understand why this person seems to go out of their way to harm relations between France and Egypt. He has not accomplished anything great in Egyptology and he has hurt many people in the process.


Anonymous said...

Is he talking about himself?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like comment that will be made about him, when he is gone.