Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fiction: Murder of King Tut

Comic Book Resources (Doug Zawisza)

Adapted from James Patterson's novel, "The Murder of King Tut," this comic book adaptation juxtaposes the tales of Howard Carter and the history of the Amenhotep and his heir, Akhenaten, from the Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt. This issue sets Akhenaten upon the throne and challenges the status quo of Egypt as Akhenaten declares that there is but one god: Aten, the sun god.

This issue doesn't even touch upon Tut, as the story of Carter is set in 1892, years before the discovery of Tut's tomb, and the tale of Akhenaten makes a point to address his complete lack of heir.

Unlike the novel, the comic leaves out the third branch of Patterson's tale, which is Patterson's quest to make this story his next published work. There's nothing lost with that omission, as it leaves more room for the tales of Akhenaten and Carter.

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